Mapping Out My Global Experiences

I recommend viewing the map on a full screen format, and you can do so by clicking the link here!

Traveling has always been something that I have enjoyed doing since I was very young. I love the thrills and the sense of adventure from meeting new people and seeing places that I have never been before! The other day I was experimenting with a web mapping application from the website ArcGIS. The program allowed me to highlight specific landmarks that displayed my travels throughout the years. I found this activity to be very fascinating and it became sort of a passion project for me. Seen above is the completed interactive web map of some of my greatest travelling experiences. The map is organized into sections to detail the different trips that I had taken, and each location, when clicked on, reveals more about my personal experiences there. Many of the landmarks have attached personal pictures of my family and I on these trips. Feel free to take a look and zoom in and out if needed. I really enjoyed putting this together, and I felt that this was another unique way for others to get to know more about my life and what I enjoy doing!