Connecting with Pre-Med Blog Sites

Blog-Map-Displaying-International-or-Worldwide-BloggingRecently, after surfing through the web, I have been interested in finding other blog sites that covered topics that I find beneficial and interesting. Attached to this post are found 3 blogs that really stood out to me for several reasons and interests. Each of them cover subjects that I personally find to be very enjoyable and informative.

As a pre-med student, building on my learning of various pre-med courses are imperative to my success in medical school preparation and understanding of the subjects themselves. In addition to such, building a personal learning network is beneficial to get great personal tips and advice and listen to stories of others who have had similar experiences as the ones who are reading them. For me, the blog site that really caught my attention was I found this site to be a great collection of facts and professional advice from a trained physician whose had quite a bit of experience in his field. Many of the articles were very informative regarding the medical school admission interview process, maintaining the undergraduate GPA, and MCAT study habits. In addition, the blogs are great perspectives on the details of what to expect prior to attending medical school.

The second blog site that I found to be quite helpful was This site is written by an undergraduate student from St. Lawrence University in New York. When reading through the posts, I found them to be very relatable and personal. The author gives some great tips on preparation efficiency and time management for studying for undergraduate pre-health courses and the MCAT, both tips that are extremely useful for me! The writings are relatively more casual, but the content is valued and clear nonetheless.

The last blog site that I felt would be beneficial in my learning network was www.get-into- This website offers excellent tips on almost all aspects of a pre-med’s academic life. I found the topics to be well organized in tabs, and the specific posts that relate to any specific subtopic that I may need is easily accessible. I even wrote a comment on her MCAT preparation article. Like the other two blogs, the posts are lengthy and detailed, and the author allows the readers to really understand where students need to focus most in order to be the best qualified applicant possible. Already being a medical school graduate, her accounts and tips are definitely something I will be reading into in the future along with the other 2 sites!

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