A Bonafide Buzzfeed Experience!

buzzfeed-logoThis past week, my professor wanted all of the students in my class to expand our creativity a little more and learn how to use some new tools on the worldwide web! He gave us a link to a series of web assignments called ds 106 (ds standing for “digital storytelling”) and asked us to either pick an assignment from the provided bank of activities, or come up with one that we could think of ourselves. Naturally, I scrolled through the list of options that I had to try to get some kind of idea on where to start. Many of them seemed very interesting to try out, but out of all the assignments that were put together, only one of them really caught my attention and curiosity.

This specific assignment tasked me to create my own personality quiz on the website Buzzfeed. I found the assignment intriguing because I have taken multiple internet quizzes over the past few years on the website with many of my friends, but I never really considered creating a quiz of my own. The first step before creating a quiz was to look at other created quizzes and see how other people had created their own ones. I also examined what types of topics these quizzes covered. Most of the topics and quizzes that I looked through were for pure fun and enjoyment. Because of this, I decided to create a quiz post on something I found to be all in good fun as well. I soon came to the idea to make a personality quiz on the comic book superhero Superman!

Superman is a character I loved watching in movies and television shows growing up. I used to enjoy reading some comic stories about him as well, and I consider him to be my favorite superhero of all time. He has such a rich history of interesting supporting characters, villains, locations, and events that really does capture the imaginations of people all around the world! I felt that this personal project of mine was a way for people to have fun learning which character in the Superman universe they would most be like based on a series of 10 questions that ranged from their ideal place to live to their ideal career profession. In order to increase result diversity, I decided to add a total of 9 different results, thus allowing 9 different answer choice options for each of the 10 questions that I added into the quiz.

I found the digital storytelling 106 assignment to be extremely fun overall, and I even gained a skill on how to make interactive web quizzes for internet users to take! The assignment was not only useful in acquiring new knowledge on the vast amounts of tools and resources that the web has in its disposal, but also to gain a wider understanding of how users can use their creativity on the internet!

The Link to my Buzzfeed Quiz can be found in the link attached below:

Which Superman Character Are You?